Some details!

Hi folks!

WSL 2021 will run from. 10am to 6pm, at 1st North Worle Scout Hall, Weston-super-Mare BS22 7QW.

Authors taking part:

Emma Wallis

Kit Mallory

Teresa Purkis

MA Binfield

Susie Williamson

Kim Harry

Jenn Matthews

Crystal Chard

Claire Highton-Stevenson

Sue Still

Jo Cox

and narrator TJ Richards

Steve from NSLGBT Forum will do a quick talk about the charity at 10.30am – they will also be running a stall.

There will be 2 chunks of readings – at 11am and at 3pm. There will be a panel/Q & A at 2pm. All three of these will be streamed live to the Facebook group. We will draw the raffle at 5pm.

Emma Wallis will be selling an exciting anthology with contributions from lots of authors at her table – go see! All proceeds go to NSLGBT Forum.

MA Binfield will be running a quiz; the answers to this can be found either on the authors’ stalls or by asking them directly. Whoever completes the quiz correctly will get a small prize (probably sugar-based).

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other drinks will be available. Cake too! It’d be awesome if we could keep the event as eco-friendly as possible – please, if you can, bring your own travel mug for drinks. Drinks & cakes will be £1 each & all proceeds go to NSLGBT Forum.

If you’d like to buy a raffle ticket, please go find my dad (Paul). He will be in charge of drawing the raffle and selling tickets.

We want to keep the event as Covid-safe as possible. If it doesn’t get too cold, we will open windows & doors. No one will be discriminated against for wearing a mask or socially distancing, or for not doing either of these things.

We also do not discriminate against anyone for any characteristic they may have (gender, religion, race, sexuality, etc).

I’m super excited about this event and really look forward to seeing everyone there!

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